How to use Twitter for business

The first element, which makes twitter an essential application to develop your business on the internet is its ability to form and consolidate a network, whether it be locally or in your industry. These tips come fresh from Gold Promotion, a social media marketing agency.


Network and become a leader in your industry

The main advantage of the platform is Twitter allows your customers to focus on one platform but more importantly provides the opportunity to find others. A way as any to come forward and to broaden its scope, especially when a new business / brand arrives on the network, users are eager to convey general information.

Tip: to inform your customers of your presence on Twitter, make sure your twitter URL is linking correctly on your website.

Strengthen your identity and web presence

If Twitter can be a good tool for an advertising campaign, you have to master the identity of your company and be sure to treat your footprint on the network. Properly complete your profile before any kind of action is therefore vital. To do this, go to the settings on your account by clicking on the “Settings” in the horizontal menu at the top.

– At first, go to the “Account” tab and follow the advice below:

– More info url”: enter the web address of your website. This field is almost essential if you want your contacts to move to your official website when viewing your profile.

– “Online bio” This field can be likened to your ID card. Try to be specific and note keywords that best define your business. It is a party that will then be indexed by search engines. Be careful though, because you are limited to 160 characters!

– “Location”: This section can be critical as some users sometimes seek contacts to follow close to home. Complete this field is strategically sound to attract new customers and find a local clientele.

– “Protect my tweets” we recommend that you do not tick this box. As a company, to be known faster members of Twitter, it is better to offer an open profile with free access and not “hide” behind a private profile.

– In a second step click on “Picture” and select a profile picture that best represents your business. Obviously if you have a logo does not hesitate to use it, it will identify you in the first glance.

– Thirdly, go to the “Design” tab. This option allows you to customize your Twitter page. Be sure that the color of your page is commensurate with the code of your site because it’s part of your digital identity. The best solution is to work with your designer to get the best results because you can add more important information (address, contacts etc.).

Interact and communicate in real time with your customers

Beyond the features and benefits that can make a company blog or Facebook profile, Twitter places considerable emphasis on real-time information and immediacy, with the aim to promote interaction with your contacts. In reality it is a great way to establish a dialogue with a customer.

On Twitter you will be able to launch a survey in minutes to test a concept, product or measure and assess the level of customer satisfaction about one of your products by collecting feedback. You can also respond to messages from your followers, eventually solving their problems in private and why not start from time to time exclusive offers.

Failure to respond to user feedback and strengthens your brand. Share and relay links, articles, ideas will satisfy your contacts as they will have the opportunity to communicate directly with you.

In all cases, we recommend you to post messages regularly. Striking the right balance is important because post little or too much can hurt your image. But in any case, remember that an active profile, and attractive living is the number one key!

Recruit followers and generate leads

According to a study released by Twitter in 2013, 72% of members of the platform are more likely to buy products / services business after subscribing to their Twitter account, or having communicated with them on the social network.
73% of participants in this survey, the main factor Twitter account subscription to a brand is the opportunity to receive updates on new products and it offers. Justunfollow is a great tool to generate your following.

Good luck!

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