Qualcomm launches Vellamo browser benchmark for Android devices


vellamo-leadQualcomm is not just a neophyte in regards to sizing and rating smartphones — it is already accountable for the images benchmark, which is Neocore. Now, it also wants to show you why your smartphone browser is lagging. The company has recently introduced Vellamo, a mew package of 11 test units that were built to check browser functionality on tablet computers and Android phones.

The new product also works with any device running on Android 20 or above. Even if the unit does not have a Qualcomm-made chip, the product will still work. These tests cover around 4 broad categories; rendering, JavaScript, user experience, and networking. Actually, the unit just needs two for an internet connection (even then, you’ll be able to cherry pick special evaluations to run). We took it for a spin on our old and Froyo-installed Motorola Droid; the unit scored around 237 and it has landed in the very bottom of the record of results. No surprise, that’s far behind tablet computers and newer handsets. If you’re curious where your device will rank, then get the program today by clicking the APK link.

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