MSE seems better than AVG

This setting is long over due in virus scans although I can’t tell you how many virus scans I’ve terminated.

MSENow I’m not too certain what Microsoft believes my computer can do since it is it is currently connected into a power strip when it is turned off. For me personally, “away” means no power going to the unit. Funny how something as simple as “off” can have alternate significance. Standby or hibernate is likely what “away” means for Microsoft. I am discontented with appliances that draw electrical juice so I don’t use hibernate or standby, once I’m not actually basking in the computer screen gleam.

MSE is allegedly a light load on the machine processes. Booting up on XP is a little faster. I will try my Vista systems later on tonight. I have already tried to replace AVG on those but found no improvement until now.

Time will tell.


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