Konstruct for iOS creates generative augmented reality art with your voice

For those who really have an artistic nature, but you were not blessed with stablkonstructe hands or an eye for colour, Konstruct might be the program for you. Does the program that is iPhone allow you to create generative artwork using warbles words and whistles, but nonetheless, in addition, it uses augmented reality to bring your artistic creation.

To begin, you must print the Konstruct mark out and put it wherever you’d like to generate your AR sculpture — on the ground of your own bathroom, it does not matter, or it may be in your family room wall. Open the program, point your iPhone in the marker, and begin making some sounds! After you are done, you wipe the slate clean and start again, or just can keep your creation.

However, Konstruct is a model!

The volume of your voice changes the size of the contours which can be drawn on the display, and also you will move your face about to transform the trail of your ‘brush’ — but to shift the design of your brush or modify the colour palette you must make use of a menu. Without knowledge of the program’s internal workings, it is tough to state exactly what the specific difference between whistling, speaking and singing is — and judging from the programmer’s kinship for whistling in the demo video (after the rest), the program likely does not perform that much investigation on your input signal.

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